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Volume 41
Nutrition and Cancer
Nutrition and Cancer
Journal Title: Nutrition and Cancer
ISSN: 0163-5581
ISSN Online: 1532-7914
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Aim & Scope: This timely publication reports and reviews current findings on the effects of nutrition on the etiology, therapy, and prevention of cancer. Etiological issues include clinical and experimental research in nutrition, carcinogenesis, epidemiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Coverage of therapy focuses on research in clinical nutrition and oncology, dietetics, and bioengineering. Prevention approaches include public health recommendations, preventative medicine, behavior modification, education, functional foods, and agricultural and food production policies. 2013 Journal Citations Report® ranks Nutrition & Cancer32nd out of 79 journals in Nutrition & Dietetics and105th out of203 Oncology journals with a 2013 Impact Factor of 2.635
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Peer Review Policy: All research articles in this journal haveundergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by two experts in the field.

Subjects Covered & Scope: Allied Health; Cancer; Health Conditions; Health and Social Care; Nutrition and Dietetics; Supplementary material
Editor Board:
Dr. Leonard A. Cohen

Managing Editor
Anne Kopp


Dr. Lenore Arab - University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Maarten Bosland - University of Illinois at Chicago
Dr. Norman Boyd  - Ontario Cancer Institute
Dr. Steven Clinton - A. G. James Cancer Research Institute, Ohio State University
Dr. Edward Giovannucci - Harvard Medical School
Dr. Kenneth V. Honn - Wayne State University
Dr. David Klurfeld - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Dr. Carlo LaVecchia - Istituto Ricerche Farmacologiche
Dr. David L. McCormick - IIT Research Institute
Dr. John A. Milner - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Dr. Sidney Mirvish - University of Nebraska Medical Center
Dr. John Pezzuto - University of Hawaii at Hilo
Dr. Henry Pitot - McArdle Lab for Cancer Research, University of Wisconsin
Dr. John D. Potter - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research
Dr. Chinthalapally V. Rao - University of Oklahoma Cancer Center
Dr. Basil Rigas - SUNY at Stony brook
Dr. Cheryl L. Rock - UCSD Cancer Prevention and Control Program
Dr. Seth Thompson - Aventis Pharmaceuticals


Dr. C. Murray Ardies  - Northeastern Illinois University
Dr. Ranjana P. Bird - University of Waterloo
Mr. Homer S. Black - Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Philippe Bougnoux - University of Tours, France
Dr. W. Robert Bruce - University of Toronto
Dr. Junshi Chen - Institute of Nutrition & Food Safety, China
Dr. Andreas Constantinou - University of Cyprus
Dr. Robert Cooney - University of Hawaii at Manoa
Dr. Denis Corpet - Ecole Nationale Veterinaire, France
Dr. Johanna Dwyer - New England Medical Center
Dr. Karam El-Bayoumy - Penn State Cancer Institute
Dr. Christine A. Erdmann - University of Michigan
Dr. Barry Goldin - Tufts University School of Medicine
Dr. Joseph Guttenplan - NYU College of Dentistry
Dr. David Heber - UCLA Center for Human Nutrition
Dr. Kimberly Kline - University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Albert Lowenfels - New York Medical College
Dr. Joanne R. Lupton - Texas A & M University
Dr. Graeme McIntosh - Flinders University, Australia
Dr. Hasan Mukhtar - University of Wisconsin
Mr. Brian Pittman - Yale University
Dr. Bill D. Roebuck - Dartmouth Medical School
Dr. Ian R. Rowland - University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
Dr. Gerhard N. Schrauzer - Biological Trace Element Research Institute
Dr. A. K. M. Shamsuddin  - University of Maryland
Dr. Henry J. Thompson  - Colorado State University
Dr. Michael J. Wargovich  - Hollings Cancer Center

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