HIV-Related High Risk Sexual Behaviors and Practices Among Women in Bogotá, Colombia
DOI: 10.1300/J013v30n04_08
Title: HIV-Related High Risk Sexual Behaviors and Practices Among Women in Bogotá, Colombia
Journal Title: Women & Health
Volume: Volume 30
Issue: Issue 4
Publication Date: August 2000
Start Page: 109
End Page: 119
Published online: 22 Oct 2008
ISSN: 0363-0242
Author: Dr. María J. Míguez-Burbano MD and PhDa, Ivan Angarita MDc, James M. Shultz PhDb, Gail Shor-Posner PhDa, Winslow Klaskala PhDa, Jose Luis Duque MD and PhD, Hong Lai PhDa, Beatriz Londo?o PhDc & Marianna K. Baum PhDa
a Division of Disease Prevention , University of Miami School of Medicine
b Department of Epidemiology , UM School of Medicine
c Bogotá Health Department
Abstract: Determinants associated with high-Risk sexual behaviors were investigated in 1,133 sexually active women in Bogotá, Colombia. A self-administered questionnaire was completed by two groups of women: 721 representing the general population (GP), and 412 commercial sex workers (CSWs). High-Risk sexual behaviors for HIV/AIDS were evident in both groups. Nevertheless, consistent condom use was reported by only 6% of the GP group, as compared to 67% of the CSWs. Failure to recognize high-Risk routes for HIV infection was indicated in 69% of the GP women for anal sex, and by the majority of both groups for intercourse during menses (56% GP women and 54% CSWs). Multivariate analysis revealed that education level, actual age, and age of first sex experience were significant predictors of high-Risk sexual practices. The necessity for educational programs regarding high-Risk sexual practices and Risk of HIV/ AIDS is evident for HIV/AIDS prevention.

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