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Volume 16
Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice
Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice
Journal Title: Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice
ISSN: 1364-2529
ISSN Online: 1470-1154
Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year
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This acclaimed journal allows historians in a broad range of specialities to experiment with new ways of presenting and interpreting history. Rethinking History challenges the accepted ways of doing history and rethinks the traditional paradigms, providing a unique forum in which practitioners and theorists can debate and expand the boundaries of the discipline.

Rethinking History provides a balance of features not usually found in academic history journals. The mix often includes:

Articles of 5,000 or 7,000 words Concepts - papers exploring key concepts or categories of historical analysis Controversies - debates between historians Essays of 8,000 to 10,000 words Experimental pieces Invitations to Historians - historians explain how and why they write history Miniatures - pieces of 1,500 words or less, aimed to show brevity can be the soul of history Re-reviews - reassessments of classic history texts Reconsiderations - essays that "reconsider" the body of work produced by a single historian, an entire school or field Reviews and review articles Themed Issues

"I hope that this journal will become that missing venue where historians, young and old, can try out something new, can indulge in experiments... that bring us into new relationships with the traces of the past... We believe that the writing of History can be an art, and that innovation in any art calls for boldness, audacity, and the courage to try out things that can seem strange, even to the author..."
Robert A. Rosenstone, Founding Editor, Rethinking History

"By Re-thinking History I mean expanding the study of the nature of history in all its forms and conceptualizations. Rethinking it must mean questioning the boundaries of how we study the past"
Alun Munslow, UK Editor, Rethinking History

"My passion has been to re-think the writing of history, to demonstrate the inextricable links between content and form, between what we have to say and how we say it, between our arguments and interpretations and stories and our choice of structure, language, voice(s), imagery, point(s) of view, and more. I am eager to work with and publish writers at any stage in their careers who are thinking hard about the form of their writing. Perhaps they are learning from poets, novelists, and writers of general non-fiction as well as from fellow historians; or reviving and re-imagining some old and unappreciated form; or striking out in new directions in search of literary narrative, interpretation, or theory"
James Goodman, US Editor, Rethinking History

Peer Review Policy:
All research articles published in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

Subjects Covered & Scope: History; History: Theory, Method & Historiography; Humanities; Supplementary material
Editor Board:


Alun Munslow - Visiting Professor, Centre for the Philosophy of History, St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, London, UK.
James Goodman - Rutgers University, Newark, USA
Founding Editor:

Robert A. Rosenstone - California Institute of Technology, USA

Reviews Editor:

William Gallois  - University of Exeter, UK

Editorial Board:

Frank Ankersmit - Groningen University, Netherlands
Jaume Aurell - University of Navarra, Spain
Douglas Booth - University of Otago, New Zealand
Linda J. Borish - Western Michigan University, USA
Robert Burgoyne - University of St. Andrews, UK
Peter Burke - University of Cambridge, UK
Jack R. Censer - George Mason University, USA
Sande Cohen - California Institute of the Arts, USA
Dennis Dworkin - University of Nevada at Reno, USA
Elizabeth D. Ermarth - Trent University, Canada
Patrick Finney - Aberystwyth University, UK
Jonathan Gorman - The Queens University, Belfast, N. Ireland
Jerome de Groot - University of Manchester, UK
David Harlan - California State University, San Luis Obispo (CalPoly), USA
Martha Hodes - New York University, USA
Keith Jenkins - University of Chichester, UK
Alison Landsberg – George Mason University, USA
Laura Mason - Johns Hopkins University, USA
Allan Megill - University of Virginia, USA
Sue Morgan - University of Chichester, UK
Rila Mukherjee - Hyderabad University, India 
Claire Norton - St. Mary’s University, UK
Kalle Pihlainen - University of Turku, Finland
David D. Roberts - University of Georgia, USA
Beverley Southgate - University of Hertfordshire, UK
Gabrielle Spiegel - Johns Hopkins University, USA
Barbara L. Tischler - Columbia University, USA
Jonathan Walker - Monash University, Australia
Guy Westwell - University of London, UK
Hayden White - University of California at Santa Cruz, USA

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