Application-wise nanostructuring of anodic films on titanium: a review
DOI: 10.1080/17458080.2014.999261
Title: Application-wise nanostructuring of anodic films on titanium: a review
Journal Title: Journal of Experimental Nanoscience
Volume: pages 1-24
Issue: pages 1-24
Publication Date: pages 1-24
Start Page: pages1-24
End Page: pages1-24
ISSN: 1745-8080
Author: Maria Vittoria Diamantia*, Marco Ormellesea & MariaPia Pedeferria
a Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering ‘Giulio Natta’, Politecnico di Milano, Via Mancinelli 7, 20131 Milan, Italy
Abstract: The interest in titanium and its oxides keeps growing on account of their peculiar engineered properties, which find applications in several fields, from architecture to bioengineering, from automotive to photovoltaic cells and photocatalytic devices, as well as to produce self-cleaning surfaces. This review intends to provide an overview of anodic oxidation treatments currently applied to form nanostructured oxide layers on titanium, with special reference to their whole range of applications. The different procedures and parameters of anodic oxidation will be described, giving information on the main oxide characteristics achievable: thickness, morphology, structure and composition. An analysis of the fields of application associated with specific oxide characteristics will be provided, in order to highlight the variety of properties that can be obtained, and the importance of tuning such properties as a function of the specific application.
Accepted: 12 Dec 2014

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