Managing Spoilers in a Hybrid War: The Democratic Republic of Congo (1996–2010)
DOI: 10.1080/02589346.2012.746187
Title: Managing Spoilers in a Hybrid War: The Democratic Republic of Congo (1996–2010)
Journal Title: Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies
Volume: Volume 40
Issue: Issue 2
Publication Date: August 2013
Start Page: 319
End Page: 338
Published online: 22 Jul 2013
ISSN: 0258-9346
Author: David Fuamba, Masako Yonekawa & Annette Seegers*
Abstract: Scholarship on the management of Spoilers in a hybrid type of conflict is almost non-existent. Through an examination of the recent Congolese wars and peace efforts (1996–2010), we develop an understanding of how Spoilers are managed in a conflict characterised by both interstate and intrastate dynamics. Certainly, more strategies of dealing with spoiler behaviours in this type of conflict are likely to emerge as similar cases are investigated, but our discussion recommends these non-related, but strongly interacting principles: the practice of inclusivity, usually preferred in the management of Spoilers, is more complex, and in fact ineffective, particularly when concerned groups' internal politics and supportive alliances are unconventional. Because holding elections is often deemed indispensable in peacemaking efforts, it is vital that total Spoilers be prevented from winning or disrupting them. The toughest challenge is the protection of civilians, especially when the state lacks a monopoly on the use of violence and governance remains partitioned across the country.

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