On the Evolution of a Discipline
DOI: 10.1080/17459430701617853
Title: On the Evolution of a Discipline
Journal Title: Qualitative Research Reports in Communication
Volume: Volume 8
Issue: Issue 1
Publication Date: October 2007
Start Page: 15
End Page: 19
Published online: 11 Oct 2007
ISSN: 1745-9435
Author: Catherine Waite
Abstract: The discipline, as a collective ensemble of voices, offers a cogent discourse regarding methodologies. There are options available now, forms of discourse that were simply not available at an earlier time. The discipline of communication is evolving, becoming something quite different than it was in the mid-twentieth century. That difference can be captured through a discussion of methods and is exemplified by the shift from a limited number to a larger number of methodological choices. That range of choices exemplifies a transformation in how we conceptualize, talk about, and study communication.

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On the Evolution of a Discipline
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