Quality Is Thy Name
DOI: 10.1080/17459430701617911
Title: Quality Is Thy Name
Journal Title: Qualitative Research Reports in Communication
Volume: Volume 8
Issue: Issue 1
Publication Date: October 2007
Start Page: 53
End Page: 56
Published online: 11 Oct 2007
ISSN: 1745-9435
Author: Gary Gumpert
Abstract: In this short exploratory and contemplative essay, the author asks if there is a need in the communication discipline for a scholarly venue for the carefully crafted “short exploratory and contemplative essay.” What is the role of the contemplative forms of scholarship, as compared to research that seeks to prove something? The essay examines the issue of “quality” in “qualitative” research and considers the nature and contributions of qualitative research within the fractionalized communication discipline. Further, the relationship of qualitative research within the Eastern Communication Association is considered.

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Quality Is Thy Name
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