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Volume 82
Communication Monographs
Communication Monographs
Journal Title: Communication Monographs
ISSN: 0363-7751
ISSN Online: 1479-5787
Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year
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Aim & Scope: Communication Monographs , published in March, June, September & December aims to provide a venue for excellent original scholarship that contributes to our understanding of human communication. The scholarship should endeavour to ask questions about the diverse and complex issues that interest communication scholars, including areas such as media studies, interpersonal and relational communication, organizational and group communication, health and family communication, rhetoric, language and social interaction, intercultural communication and cultural studies, and others. The journal especially welcomes questions that bridge boundaries that have traditionally separated scholars within the communication discipline. These questions should be grounded in existing understandings of communication processes, should be informed by relevant theory, and should address issues of clear theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and/or social importance. Diverse approaches to addressing and answering these questions, including theoretical argument, quantitative and qualitative empirical research, and rhetorical and textual analysis, and acknowledgement of the often tentative and partial nature of any answers are welcomed. Approaches to answering questions should be clearly relevant to the questions asked, rigorous in terms of both argument and method, cognizant of alternative interpretations, and contextualized within the wider body of communication scholarship. In considering the questions and answers posed in submissions to Communication Monographs, a premium will be placed on cogent arguments and on writing that is clear and understandable to readers across the varied areas of communication research. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, including screening by the editor and review by at least two anonymous referees.
Subjects Covered & Scope: Currently known as Communication Monographs (1976 - current) Formerly known as Speech Monographs (1934 - 1975)
Editor Board:
Kory Floyd  - Arizona State University, USA
Editorial Board:
Walid Afifi -  University of Iowa
Tamara Afifi -  University of  Iowa
Karen Ashcraft -  University of Colorado
Kevin Barge -  Texas A&M University
Dawn Braithwaite -  University of Nebraska
Judee Burgoon -  University of Arizona
Patrice Buzzanell -  Purdue University
John Caughlin -  University of Illinois
Celeste Condit - University of Georgia
François Cooren -  University of Montreal
John Courtright -  University of Delaware
James Price Dillard -  Penn State University
Kathleen Galvin -  Northwestern University
Dennis Gouran -  Penn State University
John Greene -  Purdue University
Martie Haselton -  UCLA
Michael Hecht -  Penn State University
Mark Hickson -  University of Alabama Birmingham
Joann Keyton -  North Carolina State University
Jody Koenig Kellas -  University of Nebraska
Kathleen Krone -  University of Nebraska
Valerie Manusov -  University of Washington
Katherine Miller -  Arizona State University
Peter Monge -  University of Southern California
Paul Mongeau - Arizona State University
Mark Morman -  Baylor University
Dennis Mumby -  University of North Carolina
Robin Nabi -  UC Santa Barbara
Stephanie Norander - Missouri State University
John Oetzel -  University of Waikato
Sandra Petronio -  IUPUI
Linda Putnam -  UC Santa Barbara
Andrew Rancer -  University of Akron
Paul Schrodt -  Texas Christian University
Chris Segrin -  University of Arizona
Sarah Tracy -  Arizona State University
Anita Vangelisti -  University of Texas
Rene Weber -  UC Santa Barbara
Steven Wilson -  Purdue University
Kevin Wright -  St. Louis University
Former editors of Communication Monographs

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