Communication Research Reports
Communication Research Reports
Journal Title: Communication Research Reports
ISSN: 0882-4096
ISSN Online: 1746-4099
Publication Frequency: 4 online issues per year
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Aim & Scope: Communication Research Reports publishes brief empirical articles (10 pages or less, excluding tables and references) on a variety of topics pertaining to human communication. Studies in the general areas of interpersonal, intercultural, life-span, nonverbal, small group, organizational, instructional, health, persuasive, mass, political, and computer-mediated communication are appropriate. Although the main portion of the paper should be devoted to a thorough reporting and interpretation of results, a concise but cogent theoretical rationale and literature review must also be included. At the Editor's discretion, some manuscripts may be designated as Brief Reports once they have undergone the initial review process. Brief Reports should be no longer than three pages (excluding tables and references). Their purpose is to highlight a specific finding and its relevance to the literature. All sections traditionally included in a paper should be present, but they must be very brief and to the point. Any extraneous information must be eliminated. Brief Reports SHOULD NOT BE SUBMITTED to CRR; rather, they will be employed at the Editor's discretion. Also at the discretion of the Editor will be one manuscript per issue designated as a Spotlight on Method/Analysis piece. These articles will be solicited by the Editor and will be 5-8 pages in length (excluding tables and references) highlighting topics that will range from novel methodological approaches and/or statistical techniques to common misconceptions/issues of contemporary controversy related to method/analysis. Each issue of CRR will contain one such manuscript that will be solicited and/or determined by the Editor.

Communication Research Reports is philosophically committed to publishing the highest quality brief empirical articles derived from a variety of research areas within the discipline. Although Communication Research Reports is supported by ECA, a regional communication association, it has a national and international readership and is considered by many leaders in the field to be the best source for short research reports on communication. As such, submissions from diverse geographic areas and cultures worldwide are encouraged.

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Web-first: Communication Research Reports is a 'web-first' journal: subscribers will have access to the four issues online during the year, and will receive a printed archive volume at the end of the year.

Peer Review Policy:

Articles appearing in this journal have been screened by the editor and undergone rigorous peer review.

Publication Office: Taylor & Francis, Inc., 530 Walnut Street, Suite 850, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

Subjects Covered & Scope: Communication Studies; Supplementary material
Editor Board:
Don Stacks
University of Miami

Associate Editors

Rebecca M. Chory - West Virginia University
Rachel L. DiCioccio - University of Rhode Island
Timothy R. Levine - Michigan State University
Timothy P. Mottet - The University of Texas-Pan American
Andrew S. Rancer - University of Akron
Wendy Samter - Bryant University

Editorial Assistant
Yi Grace Ji - University of Miami

Eastern Communication Association Board Members

Thomas R. Flynn  - Slippery Rock University

J. Kanan Sawyer  - West Chester University
Vice President

Jason S. Wrench  - SUNY New Paltz
First Vice President Elect

Danette Ifert Johnson  - Ithaca College
Immediate Past President

Ronald C. Arnett - Duquesne University
Executive Director

Ex Officio Council Members 

Nicholas D. Bowman - West Virginia University
Interim Social Media Director for ECA

Kerry Byrnes - Collin College
ECA Community College Representative to NCA Legislative Council

Rodney Andrew Carveth - Morgan State University
ECA Representative to NCA 2015 Nominating Committee

April Copes  - Ann Arundel Community College
K-12 Representative to NCA Legislative Assembly

Susan Drucker - Hofstra University
ECA Legal Counsel

Katie Neary Dunleavy - LaSalle University
Four Year College Representative to NCA Legislative Assembly

Trevor Parry-Giles - University of Maryland

Andrew R. Spieldenner - Hofstra University
Director of Marketing & Exhibits - 2015 Convention

Interest Group Representatives

Jerry L. Allen - University of New Haven
Communication Administration

Lorin Basden Arnold - Rowan University
Voices of Diversity

Elvera Berry - Roberts Wesleyan College
Kenneth Burke

Megan Dowd - Hamilton College
Interpersonal Communication

James M. Durbin - University of Akron
Communication Traits 

Kristen Campbell Eichorn - SUNY–Oswego
Instructional Communication

Kimberly Hannah - University of Maryland at College Park
Media Communication

Sarah N. Heiss - University of Vermont
Health Communication

Tracey Quigley Holden - University of Delaware
Political Communication

Carl T. Hyden - Morgan State University
Argumentation and Forensics

Susan Jasko - California University of Pennsylvania
Theory & Methodology

Craig Maier - Duquesne University
Philosophy of Communication

Robin Smith Mathis - Southern Polytechnic State University
Organizational Communication

Michael Miller -  University of Connecticut
Theory and Methodology

Jessica L. Papajcik - Stark State College
Community College

Kathleen Glenister Roberts - Duquesne University
Intercultural Communication

Valerie Lynn Schrader - Penn State Schuylkill
Rhetoric and Public Address

Michelle Simpson - The College of Southern Maryland
Community College

DL Stephenson - Western Connecticut State University
Communication, Law & Ethics

Mary C. Toale - SUNY - Oswego
Nonverbal Communication

Nancy A. Wiencek - Rider University
Applied Communication

Catherine Wright - George Mason University
Communication and Technology

Cem Zeytinoglu - East Stroudsburg University
Interpretation and Performance Studies

Editorial Board

Jerry L. Allen - University of New Haven
Carole Barbato - Kent State University
Graham D. Bodie - Louisiana State University
Joseph A. Bonito - University of Arizona
Melanie Booth-Butterfield - West Virginia University
Nick Bowman -  West Virginia University
Maria Brann - West Virginia University
Julie A. Brefczynski-Lewis - West Virginia University
Kristen Campbell Eichhorn - State University of New York at Oswego
Joseph L. Chesebro - State University of New York at Brockport
John A. Courtright - University of Delaware
William Cupach - Illinois State University
Megan R. Dillow - West Virginia University
Ashley Duggan - Boston College
Katie Neary Dunleavy - La Salle University
Gretchen Dworznik - Ashland University
Bo Feng - University of California-Davis
Sherry Ford - University of Montevallo
Brandi N. Frisby - University of Kentucky
Ann Bainbridge Frymier - Miami University
Alan Goodboy - Bloomsburg University
Elizabeth Graham - University of Akron
Jerold L. Hale - University of Michigan-Dearborn
Dale Hample - University of Maryland
Alan D. Heisel - University of Missouri-St. Louis
R. Lance Holbert - The Ohio State University
James M. Honeycutt - Louisiana State University
Sean M. Horan - DePaul University
Cary W. Horvath - Youngstown State University
Jeffrey G. Hunter - Assumption College
Danette Ifert Johnson - Ithaca College
Jeffrey W. Kassing - Arizona State University-West
James A. Katt - University of Central Florida
Lynne Kelly - University of Hartford
Carrie D. Kennedy-Lightsey - Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Roberta L. Kosberg - Curry College
Michael R. Kotowski - University of Tennessee
Gary L. Kreps - George Mason University
Kenneth A. Lachlan - University of Massachusetts-Boston
Betty H. LaFrance - Northern Illinois University
Corey J. Liberman - Marymount Manhattan College
Yang Lin - University of Akron
Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Colleen Malachowski - Florida International University
Matthew M. Martin - West Virginia University
James C. McCroskey - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Chris R. Morse - Bryant University
Scott A. Myers - West Virginia University
Anne Maydan Nicotera - George Mason University
Zizi Papacharissi - University of Illinois-Chicago
Kevin Pearce - Bryant University
Elizabeth M. Perse - University of Delaware
E. Phillips Polack - West Virginia University
Virginia P. Richmond - University of Alabama-Birmingham
Valerie Satkoske - Wheeling Hospital
John Seiter - Utah State University
John C. Sherblom - University of Maine
Thomas J. Socha - Old Dominion University
Lisa Sparks - Chapman University
Don Stacks - University of Miami
Jason Teven - California State University-Fullerton
Candice Thomas-Maddox - Ohio University-Lancaster
Melinda Villagran - George Mason University
Sally Vogl - Bauer University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Julie Volkman - Emerson College
Vincent R. Waldron - Arizona State University-West
Melissa B. Wanzer - Canisius College
Keith Weber - West Virginia University
Sara Chudnovsky Weintraub - Regis College
Richard L. West - Emerson College
David Westerman - West Virginia University
Charles J. Wigley III - Canisius College
Jason S. Wrench - State University of New York at New Paltz
Kevin B. Wright - University of Oklahoma
Courtney N. Wright - University of Tennessee


Abtracting & Indexing: Communication Research Reports is abstracted in: ComAbstracts; Communication Abstracts; PsycInfo and Communication & Mass Media Complete (EBSCOhost).
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