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Southern Communication Journal
Journal Title: Southern Communication Journal
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ISSN Online: 1930-3203
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The Southern Communication Journal (SCJ) is the nationally and internationally read scholarly publication of the Southern States Communication Association (SSCA). SCJ publishes original scholarship that makes significant contributions to understanding human communication. The journal is not limited with regard to topic, context, methodology, or theoretical perspective on communication, yet articles published must establish the importance of the topic, soundness of the methodology, and the appropriateness of the theoretical perspective. SCJ publishes manuscripts and book reviews that will be of interest to scholars, researchers, teachers, and practitioners across the communication field.

SSCA has long welcomed scholars and students from all fields of communication, and Southern Communication Journal reflects that, incorporating articles through its 76-year run from a mix of scholarly avenues advancing both communication theories and practical applications in tandem. For more information on SSCA and SCJ , please visit

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Peer Review Policy:

All articles published in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review based on initial editor screening and anonymous evaluation by two anonymous reviewers.

Subjects Covered & Scope: Currently known as Southern Communication Journal (1988 - current) Formerly known as Southern Speech Communication Journal (1971 - 1988) The Southern Speech Journal (1935 - 1971)

Leroy G. Dorsey - University of Memphis

Belinda A. Stillion Southard - University of Georgia
James "JR" Briscoe - University of Memphis

Paul Achter - University of Richmond
Tamara Afifi - University of Iowa
Robert Agne - Auburn University
Melissa Christine Wood Alemán - James Madison University
Matt Althouse - College at Brockport
Patricia Amason - University of Arkansas
Jonathan Amsbary - University of Alabama, Birmingham
Karrin Anderson - Colorado State University
Eric Aoki - Colorado State University
Wendy Atkins-Sayre - University of Southern Mississippi
Josh Averbeck - Western Illinois University
V. William Balthrop - University of North Carolina
John Banas - University of Oklahoma
Josh Barbour - Texas A&M University
Kevin Barge - Texas A&M University
Tim Barney - Univesity of Richmond
Vanessa Beasley - Vanderbilt University
Jeff Bennett - University of Iowa
Jeffery Bineham - St. Cloud State University
Amy Bippus - California State University, Long Beach
Jason Black - University of Alabama
Graham Bodie - Louisiana State University
Mari Boor Tonn - University of Richmond
Melanie Booth-Butterfield - West Virginia University  
Maria Brann - Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
C. Wesley Buerkle - East Tennessee State University
Barry Burmmett - Univesity of Texas, Austin
Michael Butterworth - Ohio University
Heather Canary - University of Utah
Kristen Carr - Texas Christian University
Karma Chávez - University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jay Childers - University of Kansas
David Cisneros - University of Illinois
Dana Cloud - University of Texas, Austin
Lisa Corrigan - University of Arkansas
Juliann Cortese - Florida State University
Renee Cowan - University of Texas, San Antonio
James Darsey - Georgia State University
Antonio deVelasco - University of Memphis
Jayson Dibble - Hope College
Patrick Dillon - University of Memphis
Megan Dillow - Western Virginia University
Maria Dixon - Southern Methodist University
Debbie Dougherty - University of Missouri
Kris Drumheller - West Texas A&M University
Tasha Dubriwny - Texas A&M University
Rachel Dubrofsky - University of South Florida
Norah Dunbar - University of California, Santa Barbara
Victoria Dunleavy - University of Miami
Aisha Durham - University of South Florida
Autumn Edwards - Western Michigan University
Janis Edwards - University of Alabama
Jason Edwards - Bridgewater State University
Renee Edwards - Louisiana State University
Keith Erickson - University of Southern Mississippi
Christina Foust - University of Denver
Katie Gibson - Colorado State University
Joy Goldsmith - University of Memphis
Alan Goodboy - West Virginia University
Dennis Gouran - Pennsylvania State University
Dan Grano - University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Stephanie Houston Grey - Louisiana State University
Cindy Griffin - Colorado State University
Leslie Hahner - Baylor University
Jeffrey Hall - University of Kansas
Rachel Hall - Louisiana State University
Trudy Hanson - West Texas A&M University
Kelly Happe - University of Georgia
Tina Harris - University of Georgia
Joy Hart - University of Louisville
Stephen Hartnett - University of Colorado, Denver
Sally Hastings - University of Central Florida
Sara Hayden - University of Montana
Karen Hoffman - Marquette University
Mary Hoffman - University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Lisa Hogan - Pennsylvania State University
Davis Houck - Florida State University
Jessica Jameson - North Carolina State University
Robin Jensen - University of Utah
Andre Johnson - Memphis Theological Seminary
Cheryl Jorgensen-Earp - Lynchburg College
Jane Jorgenson - University of South Florida
Joann Keyton - North Carolina State University
Amos Kiewe - Syracuse University
Andy King - Louisiana State University
James Kiwanuka-Tondo - North Carolina State University
Michael Kramer - University of Oklahoma
Adrianne Kunkel - University of Kansas
Jim Kuypers - Virginia Tech
Katie Langford - Texas Tech University
Ron Lee - University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Michael Lee - College of Charleston
Kurt Lindemann - San Diego State University
John Lynch - University of Cincinnati
Kristy Maddux - University of Maryland
Katheryn Maguire - Wayne State University
Brent Malin - University of Pittsburgh
Roseanne Mandziuk - Texas State University
Joe Mazer - Clemson University
Bree McEwan - Western Illinois University
Sara McKinnon - University of Wisconsin, Madison
Rachel McLaren - University of Iowa
Tara McManus - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mary Meares - University of Alabama
Rebecca Meisenbach - University of Missouri
Jennifer Mercieca - Texas A&M University
John Meyer - University of Southern Mississippi
Nathan Miczo - Western Illinois University
Mike Milford - Auburn University
Ann Miller - University of Central Florida
Courtney Miller - Elmhurst College
Carol Mills - University of Alabama
Melanie Morgan - Purdue University
Leigh Nelson - James Madison University
Stephanie Norander - Missouri State University
Kathryn Olson - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Donyale Padgett - Wayne University
Catherine Helen Palczewski - University of Northern Iowa
Valerie Palmer-Mehta - Oakland University
Erin Parcell - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Shawn Parry-Giles - University of Maryland
Loretta Pecchioni - Louisiana State University
Sam Perry - Baylor University
Kristan Poirot - Texas A&M University
Narissra Punyanunt-Carter - Texas Tech University
Michele Ramsey - Pennsylvania State University
Erin Rand - Syracuse University
Angela Ray - Northwestern University
Kevin Real - University of Kentucky
Joshua Reeves - University of Memphis
Rachel Reznik - Elmhurst College
Cindy Koenig Richards - Willamette University
Brian Richardson - University of North Texas
Christine Rittenour - West Virginia University
Thomas Rosteck - University of Arkansas
Jennifer Samp - University of Georgia
David W. Schlueter - Baylor University
Stephanie Schulte - University of Arkansas
Vivian Sheer - Hong Kong Baptist University
Pavica Sheldon - University of Alabama, Huntsville
Lijiang Shen - Univesity of Georgia
Steve Sohn - University of Louisville
Pradeep Sopory - Wayne University
Stacey Sowards - University of Texas, El Paso
Michael Stefanone - University at Buffalo
Paul Stob - Vanderbilt University
Ashli Stokes - University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Mary Stuckey - Georgia State University
Elizabeth Suter - University of Denver
Charles Tardy - University of Southern Mississippi
Dave Tell - University of Kansas
Robert Terrill - Indiana University
Marceline Thomspon-Hayes - Arkansas State University
Davi Thronton - Southwestern University
Erik Timmerman - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Lindsay Timmerman - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Paige Toller - University of Nebraska, Omaha
Mary Anne Trasciatti - Hofstra University
Jennifer Vardeman-Winter - University of Houston
Melinda Villagran - Texas State University
Beth Waggenspack - Virginia Tech
Kandi Walker - Louisville University
Cara Wallis - Texas A&M University
Michael S. Waltman - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Melissa Wanzer - Canisius College
Eric King Watts - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Lynne Webb - Florida International University
Harry Weger - University of Central Florida
Isaac West - University of Iowa
David Westerman - North Dakota State University
Kirt Wilson - Pennsylvania State University
Luke Winslow - San Diego State University
Norman Wong - University of Oklahoma
Kevin Wright - George Mason University
Stephen Yoshimura - University of Montana
Stacy Young - California State University, Long Beach
Shuangyue Zhang - Sam Houston State University


Michael Middleton - University of Utah
Tema Milstein - University of New Mexico
Srivi Ramasubramanian - Texas A&M University
Douglas Ferguson - College of Charleston
Maria A. (Ola) Kopacz - West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Jake Harwood -  University of Arizona

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