Unité psychomotrice: des enjeux développementaux aux enjeux thérapeutiques
DOI: 10.1016/j.neurenf.2007.07.013
Title: Unité psychomotrice: des enjeux développementaux aux enjeux thérapeutiques
Journal Title: Neuropsychiatrie de l'Enfance et de l'Adolescence
Volume: 56
Issue: 3
Publication Date: May 2008
Start Page: 148
End Page: 151
Published online: online 23 October 2007
ISSN: 0222-9617
Author: B. Thiebo
  • Unité de soins précoces, pôle périnatalité, enfance, adolescence, centre hospitalier d’Erstein, 13, route de Krafft, B.P. 300 63, 67152 Erstein cedex, France
  • Abstract: ike the early relation between mother and baby, psychomotricity guarantees a corporal and interactif double anchorage, the psychomotor unity, who presides over the emergence of the psychic life. This article is grounded on the idea that both have in common ’the matter’ they are made up of, the processes that are involved in. It intends then to put in trajectory early interaction and psychomotricity, to apply for existence of a psychomotor setting, to define it and to explore its originality. It pays particular attention to determine the empathic, observing and bisexual qualities of this setting, qualities who will back up therapeutic function and therapeutic setting of the psychomotor therapist. Then it intends the stakes underlying by this context on therapeutic level, like in the early psychic life’s development.”
    Keywords: Psychomotor unity; Corporal and interactif double anchorage; Psychomotor setting; Empathy; Observing attitude; Therapeutic function; Bisexual setting; Therapeutic stakes
    Email: beathiebo@aol.com

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