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Journal of Applied Communication Research
Journal of Applied Communication Research
Journal Title: Journal of Applied Communication Research
ISSN: 0090-9882
ISSN Online: 1479-5752
Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year
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Aim & Scope: The Journal of Applied Communication Research publishes original peer-reviewed scholarship that addresses or challenges the relation between theory and practice in understanding communication in applied contexts. JACR aims primarily to contribute to how people practice communication across multiple contexts. All theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome, as are all contextual areas. Of utmost importance is that an applied communication problem orissue is the motivation for the research.Submissions should be based securely in existing understandings of communication processes, informed by relevant theory, and should substantively advance our understanding of communication in practical settings. Of particular interest are studies that focus on contemporary social issues. Authors are encouraged to clearly and explicitly identify and describe the communication problem or issue early in the manuscript.
Also welcome are reviews of recently published books, reports, or monographs relevant to applied communication and reviews of communication interventions or resources (particularly software and internet-based resources).
Subjects Covered & Scope: Communication Studies; Communication Theory; Health Communication; Organizational Communication; Risk Communication; Supplementary material
Editor Board:
Kathy Miller - Arizona State University         
Previous Editors-in-Chief
William F. Eadie -  San Diego State University
Joann Keyton -  North Carolina State University
Dan O'Hair -  University of Kentucky
Michele Jackson - University of Colorado
David Seibold -  University of California, Santa Barbara
Timothy L. Sellnow -  University of Kentucky
Laura Stafford -  University of Kentucky
Julia Wood -  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Editorial Board:
Tamara Afifi - University of Iowa
J. Kevin Barge - Texas A&M University
Brenda Berkelaar - University of Texas, Austin
Joseph A. Bonito - University of Arizona
Dawn O. Braithwaite - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Patrice M. Buzzanell - Purdue University
Ling Chen - Hong Kong Baptist University
Debbie S. Dougherty - University of Missouri
Norah E. Dunbar - University of Oklahoma
William F. Eadie - San Diego State University*
Timothy Edgar - Emerson College
Laura Ellingson - Santa Clara University
Kathryn Fonner - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Cindy Gallois - The University of Queensland
Shiv Ganesh - Massey University
Johny Garner - Texas Christian University
Patricia Geist-Martin - San Diego State University
Jennifer L. Gibbs - Rutgers University
Kathryn Greene - Rutgers University
Daena Goldsmith - Lewis and Clark
Lynn M. Harter - Ohio University
Renee Houston - University of Puget Sound
Michele Jackson - University of Colorado*
Jeffrey Kassing - Arizona State University
Ascan F. Koerner - University of Minnesota
Matthew Koschmann - University of Colorado
Michael W. Kramer - University of Oklahoma
Timothy Kuhn - University of Colorado
Betty H. LaFrance - Northern Illinois University
Marianne LeGreco - University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Paul Leonardi - Northwestern University
Laurie Lewis - Rutgers University
Brooke Liu - University of Maryland
Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik - University of New Mexico
Jimmie Manning - Northern Illinois University
Michelle Miller-Day - Chapman University
Gustavo S. Mesch - University of Haifa
Susan E. Morgan - Purdue University
Karen K. Myers - University of California, Santa Barbara
Dan O’Hair - University of Kentucky*
Sandra Petronio - IUPUI
Brian Quick - University of Illinois
Margaret Quinlan - University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Stephen A. Rains - University of Arizona
Srivi Ramasubramanian - Texas A&M University
Robyn Remke - Copenhagen Business School
Brian K. Richardson - University of North Texas
Anthony Roberto - Arizona State University
Tracy Callaway Russo - University of Kansas
Cliff Scott - University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Craig R. Scott - Rutgers University
Chris Segrin - University of Arizona
David Seibold - University of California, Santa Barbara*
Timothy L. Sellnow - University of Kentucky*
Sandi Smith - Michigan State University
Laura Stafford - Bowling Green State University*
Keri K. Stephens - University of Texas at Austin
Karen Tracy - University of Colorado
Sarah J. Tracy - Arizona State University
Matthew S. Weber - Rutgers University
Julia Wood - University of North Carolina*
Jill Yamasaki - University of Houston
Heather M. Zoller - University of Cincinnatti
Theodore E. Zorn - Massey University

*Past editors of JACR


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