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Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management
Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management
Journal Title: Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management
ISSN: 0885-3134
ISSN Online: 1557-7813
Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year
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Aim & Scope: Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management
Aims & Scope

Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management (JPSSM), published on behalf of The PI SIGMA EPSILON National Educational Foundation, is positioned as the premier journal internationally that is devoted to the publication of peer-reviewed articles in the field of sales management and selling. In JPSSM, we publish contributions of high quality that deal with new issues, topics, methodologies, theories, concepts, tools, models or applications in sales and selling. Publications have to represent leading-edge, state-of-the-art and original work. Our aim is to increase our understanding of selling and sales management, contribute to fostering education in this domain, encourage knowledge transfer between science and practice, and the identification of issues and shaping of ideas associated with sales and selling as a company’s single or most important revenue-generating function.

JPSSM is open to consider submissions from all over the world, dealing with important and timely issues in selling and sales management, and publishes work based on a variety of theories or methodologies. Nevertheless, publications in this journal have to be conceptually and methodologically rigorous, and at the same time represent substantial contributions to the field of sales and selling.

A partial list of topics suitable for publication in JPSSM might include, but is not limited to

· Role of Sales in Multichannel Management

· Issues in International / Global Sales Management

· Effects of traditional and New Media, in particular Social Media, on Selling and Sales

· Vertical Integration of Personal Selling

· Organizational Issues in Sales Management

· Challenges in Managing Functional Interfaces (with Marketing, R&D, Production etc.)

· Sizing, Routing and Call Planning

· Sales Force Control Systems

· Role and Effects of Leadership and Monitoring in Sales

· Management and Compensation of Salespeople

· Measuring Performance, Efficiency and Effectiveness in Sales

· Psychological Issues in Sales and Selling

· Ethical Perspectives in Personal Selling and Sales Management

· Role of Technology in Sales and Selling (e.g., Computer-aided Selling, Salesforce Automation, Customer Relationship Management)

· Mathematical Modeling in Sales and Selling

In summary, we invite researchers and thought leaders to submit their best work on sales management and personal selling, which are a company’s most critical functions to improve revenue, profitability, market share, customer satisfaction etc., to the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management.

Subjects Covered & Scope: Business, Management and Accounting; Economics, Finance, Business & Industry; Marketing; Retail Marketing; Sales
Editor Board:
Manfred Krafft - University of Muenster, Germany
Associate Editor
Douglas E. Hughes - Michigan State University, USA
Managing Editor
Fabian Kubik - University of Muenster, Germany
Area Editors:

Executive Summaries    
Adam Rapp - The University of Alabama, USA 
Selling & Sales Management Abstracts    
Dawn Deeter-Schmelz - Kansas State University, USA    
Special Section on Sales Research Methodology    
Nick Lee - Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Editorial Review Board

Sönke Albers - Kühne Logistics University, Germany
Artur Baldauf - University of Bern, Switzerland
Willy Bolander - Florida State University, USA
Fabio Caldieraro - University of Washington, USA
Joseph Cannon - Colorado State University, USA
Goutam N Challagalla - Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Pradeep K. Chintagunta - University of Chicago, USA
Anne T Coughlan - Northwestern University, USA
William L Cron - Texas Christian University, USA
Rene Y Darmon - ESSEC, France
Thomas DeCarlo - University of Alabama, USA
Bart Dietz - Erasmus University, The Netherlands
Andrea L. Dixon - Baylor University, USA
Karen Flaherty - Oklahoma State University, USA
Shankar Ganesan - University of Arizona, USA
Srinath Gopalakrishna - University of Missouri, USA
Paolo Guenzi - Università Bocconi, Italy
Gary K. Hunter - Case Western Reserve University, USA
Fernando Jaramillo - University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Ove Jensen - WHU, Germany
Mark Johlke - Bradley University, USA
Babu John-Mariadoss - Washington State University, USA
Eli Jones - University of Arkansas, USA
Kissan Joseph - University of Kansas, USA
Karen Norman Kennedy - University of Alabama, USA
Florian Kraus - University of Mannheim, Germany
Son K. Lam - University of Georgia, USA
Timothy D. Landry - University of Alabama at Huntsville, USA
Felicia G. Lassk - Northeastern University, USA
Joel Le Bon - University of Houston, USA
Noah Lim - University of Wisconsin - Madison
Murali K. Mantrala - University of Missouri
Richard G. McFarland - ESSEC Business School, France
Bulent Menguc - Kadir Has University, Turkey
William C Moncrief - Texas Christian University, USA
Jay P Mulki - Northeastern University, USA
Ryan Mullins - Clemson University, USA
Das Narayandas - Harvard Business School, USA
Nikolaos Panagopoulos - University of Alabama, USA
Chris R. Plouffe - University of Akron, USA
Ellen Bolman Pullins - University of Toledo, USA
Gregory A. Rich - Bowling Green State University, USA
Dominique Rouzies - HEC Paris, France
Lynette Ryals - Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Charles Schwepker, Jr. - University of Central Missouri, USA
Arun Sharma - University of Miami, USA
Jagdip Singh - Case Western Reserve University, USA
Ravipreet S. Sohi - University of Nebraska at Lincoln, USA
Thomas J. Steenburgh - University of Virginia, USA
Kaj Storbacka - University of Auckland, New Zealand
Harish Sujan - Tulane University, USA
John F. Tanner, Jr. - Baylor University, USA
Wolfgang Ulaga - IMD Lausanne, Switzerland
Willem Verbeke - Erasmus University, The Netherlands
Kenneth H. Wathne - University of Stavanger, Norway
Jan Wieseke - Ruhr University at Bochum, Germany
John Andy Wood - West Virginia University, USA
Alex Zablah - George Mason University, USA
Andris A. Zoltners - Northwestern University, USA

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