Social Influence
Social Influence
Journal Title: Social Influence
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Social Influence is a journal that provides an integrated focus for research into this important, dynamic, and multi-disciplinary field. Topics covered include: conformity, norms, social influence tactics such as norm of reciprocity, authority, scarcity, interpersonal influence, persuasion, power, advertising, mass media effects, political persuasion, propaganda, comparative influence, compliance, minority influence, influence in groups, cultic influence, social movements, social contagions, rumors, resistance to influence, influence across cultures, and the history of influence research. This journalis of interest to social psychologists, political psychologists, consumer psychologists, organizational psychologists, sociologists, communication researchers, and anyone interested in any aspect of social influence.

The journal publishes experimental research investigating aspects of social influence, although we will consider correlational studies, surveys, and meta-analyses. Although not a requirement, we strongly encourage authors to use behavioral dependent measures (e.g., petition signing, donations, voting, helping). The research submitted should advance theory and/or application.

Social Influence desires short, reader-friendly manuscripts limited to 5000 words; authors should be aware of the cross-disciplinary nature of the journal and avoid jargon.

Peer Review Integrity

All research articles in this journal, including those inspecial issues,haveundergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and refereeing by at leasttwo independent, expert referees. All peer review is single blind and submissions may be made online via ScholarOne Manuscripts.

Subjects Covered & Scope: Behavioral Sciences; Business, Management and Accounting; Communication Studies; Consumer Behaviour; Consumer Psychology; Economics, Finance, Business & Industry; Humanities; Marketing; Marketing Communications; Media & Communications; Media & Film Studies; Political Psychology; Psychological Science; Social Influence; Social Psychology; Supplementary material
Editor Board:
Kipling D. Williams – Purdue University , USA

Associate Editors:

Jason K. Clark - University of Iowa, USA
Daniel J. Howard - Southern Methodist University, USA
Paul R. Nail - University of Central Arkansas, USA
Thomas E. Nelson - Ohio State University , USA
Ilja van Beest -  Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Gwen M. Wittenbaum - Michigan State University , USA

Editorial Board:

Bianca Beersma - University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Martin J. Bourgeois – Florida Gulf Coast University, USA
Jerry M. Burger - Santa Clara University, USA
Christopher J. Carpenter - Western Illinois University, USA
Zhansheng Chen - University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Robert B. Cialdini - Arizona State University , USA
Rosalee A. Clawson – Purdue University , USA
Dov Cohen - University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, USA
William D. Crano - Claremont Graduate University, USA
David de Cremer - Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Carsten de Dreu - University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Claes de Vreese - Amsterdam School Of Communication Research, The Netherlands
Nicholas DiFonzo - Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
David C. Funder -   University of California at Riverside, USA
Stephen G. Harkins - Northeastern University, USA
Helen C. Harton - University of Northern Iowa , USA
Bert H. Hodges - Gordon College, USA
Matthew J. Hornsey - University of Queensland , Australia
John T. Jost - New York University, USA
Maria K. Lapinski - Michigan State University, USA
Justin J. Lehmiller - Harvard University, USA
Geoff MacDonald - University of Toronto, Canada
Antony S. R. Manstead - Cardiff University, UK
Ian McGregor - York University, Canada
Nicole Votolato Montgomery - College of William & Mary, USA
J. Keith Murnighan – Northwestern University, USA
John B. Nezlek – College of William & Mary, USA
Zoe M. Oxley - Union College , USA
Gregory J. Pool - St. Mary's University, USA
Tom Postmes - University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Felicia Pratto - University of Connecticut, USA
Priyali Rajagopal - University of South Carolina, USA
Sekar Raju -  Iowa State University, USA
Torsten Reimer – Purdue University, USA
Randall Rose - University of South Carolina, USA
Brad J. Sagarin - Northern Illinois University, USA
David A. Schroeder - University of Arkansas, USA
David O. Sears - University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Kristin Sommer - Baruch College, City University of New York, USA
Eric van Dijk - Leiden University, The Netherlands
Gerben A. Van Kleef - University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lyn Van Swol - University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA
Morgan Ward - Southern Methodist University, USA
Wendy Wood - Duke University, USA

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