Line differences in resistance to salmonella enteritidis pt4 infection
DOI: 10.1080/00071669608417864
Title: Line differences in resistance to salmonella enteritidis pt4 infection
Journal Title: British Poultry Science
Volume: Volume 37
Issue: Issue 2
Publication Date: May 1996
Start Page: 329
End Page: 339
Published online: 8 Nov 2007
ISSN: 0007-1668
a CNEVA, Laboratoire Central de Recherches Avicole et Porcine , BP 53, 22440, Ploufragan, France
b INRA, Station de Recherches Avicoles , 37380, Monnaie, France
c INRA, Station de Pathologie Aviaire et Parasitologie , 37380, Monnaie, France
d INRA , Station de Pathologie Infectieuse et Immunitaire , 37380, Monnaie, France
Abstract: 1. Four groups of hens, each of a different Line, were inoculated at peak of lay, per os in the crop with 1 ml of a suspension containing 109 cfu/ml Salmonella enteritidis PT4 (SE). The kinetics of SE contamination in the environment, egg shell and yolk were studied during the first 28 d post inoculation. On the day of slaughter, intestines, caeca, spleen, liver, ovary, oviduct and content were investigated for SE contamination.2. The commercial egg‐type Line L2 was found to be the most susceptible to SE. It laid many SE‐positive yolks (13.8%) and internal and faecal organs were frequently infected.3. Certain Lines are found to exhibit a degree of resistance to SE; the cause of which is unknown and might be attributed to major genes.
Accepted: 20 Sep 1995

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